#My30DayWorld 2018 – Days 19 – 21


Greetings, I am back with a multiple day post again. I haven’t felt the urge to post the last few days so I decided since the questions for Days 19 to 21 are easily replied to in a few sentences it’d be a waste to post them individually. Also from this point forward I’ll be not posting about the ‘World of Mu’ as there is not enough developed to answer many of the upcoming questions. I had hoped that answering them would spur my creativity since I really do love Sword & Sorcery as a genre – but I do not want to burn out on that project by forcing myself to develop it as I post in this campaign. I was half tempted to end my participation in the #My30DayWorld campaign because I was getting that way. So going forward I’ll be posting only about my ‘World of Skârn’ setting – now to the questions.

Day 19 Q: How are taxes and tributes collected in your world?

Day 19 A: Taxes are gathered via land owners & businesses for the most part, they are often factored into the prices of goods sold or traded. Other “fines/tolls” (taxes) are collected at city gates, toll-places & at the harbor. Taxes are collected once a month by tax collectors escorted by trained guards (Fighting-Men 3rd level) & tolls are collected weekly by the same.

Tributes are gathered by a Herald & at least 30 Men  but could be up to 300 men if community is defiant (the kind depends on force demanding tribute). These tributes will often be either annually or twice yearly depending on the needs or greed of the force demanding tribute.

Day 20 Q: Are there evil races in your world, such as Drow?

Day 20 A: Yes. No “Drow” by the traditional definition (dark skinned, underground dwelling matriarchal Elves) but I do have a variant there of. My dark elves are called Ûk’Dûr Phǽrahim  (Unchained People), they are chaotic in nature & raid others near their tainted forest homes. They are also known as Rhûl Phǽrahim (Tainted or Corrupted People) & Rhûk Phǽrahim (Mad People) by other elves. They wear elaborate body paint, leather armor/clothing with spikes & blades on them.

You have the infernal-blooded Graal, the orcs, goblins (Rhûl’Saar), Hobgoblins and a variety of others, including the Sorcerers of Šorim. But I still have to revise some of my races I had in my initial versions of ‘Skârn’.

Day 21 Q: Are there many underground places in your world?

Day 21 A: Yes. Under most mountain ranges & hilly regions are vast labyrinthine cavern complexes. Vast wealth & numbers of inhuman creatures are found within those caverns.

I am not sure if I am going to post Day 22 tomorrow or wait & combine two to three day’s worth of posts like I did in my last post & this one. Only time will tell. I have things to do so I will end this now. I’ll try to post another comic related post – which will be my musings on the Champions by Mark Waid & Humberto Ramos & another another on my thoughts on the ‘Last Jedi’ film. See you later, Fin.



#My30DayWorld 2018 – Day 17 & 18


Greetings, here is Day 17 & 18 combined post for the #My30DayWorld event. I was too tired to post yesterday evening so I decided “screw it I’ll do a combined post tomorrow’ – thus here we are. I’ll begin with the Say 17 question & then move onto Day 18 next.

Day 17 question: What rare & interesting races populate your world? 

A1: In the ‘World of Skârn’ several rare & interesting race from near-human that dwell in the region once dominated by the mystical  Šamadî Empire – the Sorcerers of Šorim, the tall pale four armed makers of magitech, the Šal’Rēbītes; the infernal-blooded Graal, the small and crafty and mischievous Saar, the Elfin-like nomadic forsaken folk of the devastated City State of the mad demi-god D’Jōl – the D’Jōlî & the hardy four armed Khôss of fallen Khôkarth.

Shorimite Ruling Caste - Magi & PriestsShorimite Artisan Caste Shorimite Warrior Caste Shal'RebitesGraal

The three castes of Šorimīte society, the Šal’Rēbītes and the infernal-blooded Graal by me.

Khoss         Saar           D'Joli

The Khôss                                        The Saar                                                     The D’Jōlî  all by me.

A2: In the ‘World of Mu’ there area variety of feral beast-man tribes & serpent shape-shifting Ssūl’Lenîm & the Maalkeyîm dragon blooded shape-shifters.

Day 18 question: What relics of the past shape the present?

A1: In the ‘World of Skârn’ there are a number of relics – such as the Skull of the D’Jōl, that is etched with runes & it whispers its secrets to the Sorcerers of Šorim in their floating city. The others will developed as I revise the world.

A2: In the ‘World of Mu’ there will be a few such relics but I have yet to develop them.

Well I’ll end this post so I can get this published & run some errands before I need to cook dinner. I’ll see you tomorrow with Day 19. Fin.

#My30DayWorld 2018 – Day 16


Greetings, I am back for Day 16 of the #My30DayWorld event campaign. Well I finally did that non-RPG post I had saying I’d write & publish but I still got time for today’s post. I need to also figure out an idea for my other blog that is focused on Original Edition D&D, but now for today’s question.

Q: Are constructs common in your world? What is their role? 

Aa: In the ‘World of Skârn’ they are common & they come in a variety of forms & their roles are varied depending on the culture & creator of the constructs. Some are ancient inert constructs that bodies are slowly decaying as their magic ebbs from their bodies. Others are constructed by Dwarfs from a melding of clockwork mechanism & magically empowered steam technology who assist the Dwarfs as guardians & labor.

Ab: In the ‘World of Mu’ they are rare & are mystical in nature – their origins are lost to the mists of time.

Well I’ll end this so I can do some comic reading before I go to sleep tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow for Day 17 of the #My30DayWorld campaign, till then see you. Fin


Greetings, yes the title is ‘click bait’ but I think the title is apropos at this time. As I said in my initial introductory post I am not a fan of SJWs but I also didn’t want this blog to be political oriented. Before I jump into whether or not “are SJWs ruining comics?” – I feel that I should describe what I mean when I refer to someone as a SJW.

Social Justice Warrior

Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are vocal group radical leftist ideologues whose primary interest is promoting ‘Social Justice’ in all they do. Social Justice is an umbrella term that covers a number of radical leftist ideologies; such as:

  • That America is a White Supremacist Nation that needs to be radically transformed.
  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights is a White Supremacist Construct to be rewritten, to restrict both the First & Second  Amendment if not abolish them.
  • That America is a systematically racist, homophobic & misogynist patriarchal nation – that if you are POC, Gay or a Woman; America is oppressing you.
  • That Republicans, Conservatives & Libertarians are either extremely problematic or racists, homophobes, misogynists & Transphobic Nazi/Fascists who are out to get the POC, women, homosexuals & take away their rights (which is wrong).
  • They will use social media & street actions to foment opposition to anyone they deem to oppose their ideological aims or simply criticize them in anyway; often resorting to lying about or exaggerating any actual ‘harassment’ they claim to be victim of. They’ll use their “Special Status” to claim victim-hood after attacking & bullying anyone who criticizes or opposes their ideology.
  • The promotion of Socialist based economic policies.
  • The promotion of reparations to ‘oppressed’ communities here & abroad.
  • They support a radical form of so-called feminism that is actually harmful to biological women & actual feminists – ask Christina Hoff Sommers a actual feminist who is being demonized as an anti-feminist by 3rd wave “feminists” & their ilk.


Now back to answering my ‘click bait’ question: Are SJWs ruining comics? At this time I believe they are not – but they are harming the medium & if that harm is not at the very least minimalized & countered vigorously at the most; it could ruin comics & other popular media (such as gaming) that they are working in.

Frankly I was going to ignore the drama & the spats between creators and critics – as I said I did not want this channel to be political. But this once I am going to change my stance & get very political. The reason is I was attacked by SJWs for the crime of defending one of my favorite comic companies who published a comic that dared to be supportive of Trump – gasp! Oh no someone was problematic. The fact that the company is owned by a POC, who has hired & published comics by POC & is planning to publish comics critical of Trump in the near future – that didn’t matter. They were labeled “Nazis” & supporters of White Nationalism & White Supremacy for simply publishing Trump-friendly books. The fact Trump is not a racist, a fascist or Nazi doesn’t matter – this from someone who is not a Trump fan.

I am a Libertarian – I oppose real Fascism, real white supremacy, real racism & real Nazism. Libertarians oppose Totalitarianism in all its forms be it Fascism, Nazism or Communism. Yet the SJWs decided to skim through my FB likes (ignoring the Black Conservatives & Libertarian I follow/‘Like’) to find any ‘likes’ they deem ‘problematic’. They found a conservative the SPLC tars as Alt-Right (read as a Nazis) even though he is married to a Latina & if I remember correctly he has mixed race kids – a real Nazi there, huh? The other ‘like’ was problematic, I liked it because FB suggested it was something I might like – ‘America Defense Records’. I went cool a Patriotic Oi label. It wasn’t until the SJW posted a screen-shot that I researched the label & found out they were White Nationalists posing as Patriots & de-liked them promptly.

I am in love with a Black Woman so if I find out a ‘like’ is legitimately racist I’ll de-like it & oppose the group. But that one ‘like’ wasn’t enough – they glommed onto a US Flag picture with a coiled snake between thirteen stars & a dieselpunk anime art piece – somehow proving that I am as they referred to me – a “nerdo nazi”. So being a patriot & fan of dieselpunk is tantamount to being a Nazis. I wonder how other Dieselpunk fans & creators will like that?

The funny thing is the creator of the pro-Trump book is a immigrant of mixed Filipino-Chinese decent – who, he & his immigrant family are Republicans & all voted for Trump. But Timothy Lim has been attacked mercilessly along with Antarctic Press for daring to create/publish a pro-Trump book. Timothy & the other creators have had their ‘race card’ jacked by SJWs over this infraction. They are be made into an “other”, open to smear attacks & lies. It is wrong & I’ll stand by both Timothy Lim & Antarctic Press, as it is the right thing to do.

But this isn’t the only issue – SJWs have been rallying the ‘forces of Social Justice’ to attack Zack of ‘Diversity & Comics’, Ethan Van Sciver, Jon Malin (Jon voted for both Obama & Trump – an evil conservative there) & others for daring to criticize them or their books. Zack is even considering legal options for the defamation he is suffering – for criticizing SJW creators – who from what I’ve seen of their work is either sub-par in quality or absolute rubbish (America by writer Gabby Rivera – I am looking at you. The whole book was an Identity politics love fest with garbage art, coloring & writing).

Do I agree with everything Zack, Ethan or the Yellow Flash (& others) say? No, not at all; as I actually RiRi Williams as Iron Heart, I liked ‘Star Wars: A Force Awakens & Rogue One’ (though SW Last Jedi was meh at best & Han Soylo is looking cringey). I support Zack, Ethan & the others because they have a love & passion for comics – so much so that they hate it when it is being harmed by SJWs.

I’ve never once seen Zack, Ethan or the others attack a book or creator based on their race, gender or sexuality – don’t give me the crap on Transgenders. Science & DNA do not lie. They criticize them for being harmful to the medium & producing sub-par content; they can just get a bit (or a LOT) salty in doing so.

So how are SJWs harming comics beyond creating sub-par content & attacking anyone who criticizes them? They are using their special status as ‘victim class’ creators to promote the normalization of radical leftist politics in the books they work on be it as an editor, artist, inker, letterer or writer & keep from being fired.

Now to some examples:

  1. Anytime a conservative character is portrayed in a book they are relegated to a hate spewing Talking Head, redneck white nationalist or bigot often berating a POC character (like Sam Wilson as Captain America) or a lily white boy scout (Steve Rodgers) .
  2. They take a historical straight character like Ice Man & make him gay – I’d have believed him coming out as bi-sexual but not Gay; as I grew up reading the X-Men (one my favorite Marvel books outside Captain America & the Avengers) so having Ice Man come out especially in the forced way he was by “Young” Jean Gray – was stupid. He had a number of relationships with female characters since his creation.
  3. The Police are out to oppress & kill POC, especially blacks, again in Captain America.

I know criticizing this will get me called a racist, homophobe & other buzzwords SJWs love to tar people who criticize them at anytime & for any reason. But these people are very ill informed, I am an American & I have the right to criticize others – we do not yet live in a Totalitarian Police State. Unlike Zack I try not to get personal (but I can understand why he has been doing so) in my criticisms – I try to focus on actual things I have issue with.

I do not care what a creator identifies as or is – be it their race, sexuality, gender or politics. Period, end of story.  What I do care about is quality, forced diversity, radical changes to characters without legitimate need & the pushing of identity politics via an entertainment medium. Give me quality female, POC, homosexual/Bi, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Pagan characters with well rounded personalities, good dialogue & art – you’ll have a fan & customer – just don’t shove your radical Social Justice totalitarian identity politics down my throat while doing it.

Just to make it clear – not all people who support the aims of wanting actual diversity in comics are obnoxious SJWs & are talentless hacks – take the creative team of Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan, it is a damn good book – not a favorite but I am not its intended target audience & that is okay. I am pretty sure most of the artists & writers I like are left-of-center but most of them are not raving SJWs either. Unfortunately it turns out one is Sofie Campbell – I love her Wet Moon & Shadoweyes books; but she has jumped the shark after she came out as a Trans. Her wishing all GOP would die is horrible.

Not all Liberals are SJWs but ALL SJWs ‘claim’ to be liberal & progressive; as a ‘Classic Liberal’ who supports treating everyone with basic human dignity & respect; this SJW thing annoys me. It is divisive & ultimately counter productive to reaching the stated aims of the movement. Who doesn’t want all people treated fairly & those who are in poorer communities to be uplifted? I cannot think of anyone but the Alt-Right. I know of no conservative or legitimate Libertarian who does not want those same goals, they just don’t think government is the answer – which SJWs do.

From what I’ve seen from people like Zack, Ethan & the Yellow Flash is they are sick of comics they loved being turned into soap operas that push identity politics over telling a fun action packed story. They only get salty & personal once they start getting personally attacked – at least that is what I’ve seen so far; I could be wrong. But what I have seen is that they love comics and they are not racists, homophobes or misogynists.

I can disagree with them on a given opinion but still support them. I want actually diverse comics, both on the page & in the studio – but that includes Christians, Conservatives & white men.

Will SJWs drive out the more conservative, libertarian & people of Christian faith from the mainstream comic industry & thus harm it? It seems so, it is up to us the fans to oppose this – be it by advocating for our favorite creators with their companies that employ them & outside with their creator owned content. We need to support them by buying their books when we can afford them & not buying books by SJW creators pushing their radical agenda and attacking customers and creators who do not share their ideology.

Personally I do not care if Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Oni Press & other ‘Big Name’ companies die. That means the actual comic industry will rebuilt based on actual talent & merit not via corporate monopolies or identity political activism; where an actual diversity of content by diverse creators from all over the ethnic, religious & political spectrum. The Free Market will decide what books & companies survive this upcoming culture war.

I fully recognize I’ll be demonized for this post & frankly I don’t care. I’ll try to ignore the more venomous comments & focus on the positive ones if I get any of them. I’ll continue to buy & read comics made by diverse creators whether I agree with their politics or not; but there is a certain class of comic creators I will stop supporting if I find out they are attacking customers & creators right-of-center. That said if they are crapping on legit Alt-Righters & Nazis like Vox Day, more power to them. Later.

#My30DayWorld 2018 – Day 15


Greetings, here is my Day 15 post for the #My30DayWorld event campaign. This will be another short post as today’s topic doesn’t really currently apply to my worlds. That said, it’ll apply eventually to my revised ‘World of Skârn’ as the history of the world makes it applicable.

Q: What mystical material is valued in your world?

A: As I stated above currently there is none, especially the ‘World of Mu’ & but there will be several in the ‘World of Skârn’ as the events of the world has led to such materials, but I have yet to develop them – not correct I have two. The first two are Dwarven alchemical creations – one that simulates oil/lubricant & the other simulates are very rare.

Well I’ll end this I’ll take my leave for today concerning #My30DayWorld – I’ll see you tomorrow with my Day 16 post. Fin.



#My30DayWorld 2018 – Day 14


Greetings, I am back for Day 14 of the #My30DayWorld event campaign which will be very, very brief as the question won’t take much space to answer so I’ll forgo my normal “Answer PartX” style I use. The question is:

Q: How safe is it to travel in your world?

A: Not very safe, unless you are travelling between a city & it’s supporting villages; but beyond these villages it can become very dangerous. Since I’ll be using Original Edition Dungeons & Dragons and the default setting expectations make for a very dangerous world; this goes for both ‘World of Skârn’ & the ‘World of Mu’.

Well I’ll end this post so I can get it published & get ready for bed. Fin.



#My30DayWorld 2018 – Day 13


Greetings here I am again for Day 13 of the #My30DayWorld event campaign & we’re two days shy of the halfway point. I’ve been to busy to get to that other post I’ve been wanting to write & frankly I am trying to figure out the best way to tackle it. I have create a Old D&D oriented blog called ‘Musing About Original Edition Adventures’ to be the home to all of my campaign & house rules for my OD&D games. But lets get to today’s question:

Day 13 Question: Who dominates the political spheres of your world?

Answer Part 1: In the ‘World of Skârn’ the political world up till a hundred years ago was ruled by literal Divine Kings. In the first ages the actual high deities ruled over vast empires; while in the last age the Demi-God children did so. In the last hundred years it has fallen to mortal rulers to take their place be it in tribal or more civilized communities.

Answer Part 2: In the ‘World of Mu’ it is mainly mortal rulers, with one or two actual Demi-God’s ruling the various realms.

In both worlds there are a variety of shadowy organizations that manipulate the various rulers or elements of their governments but these are yet developed for either setting.

That is all I have to say today on this topic so i’ll close this post now so I can publish it & get to my others tasks on this Easter Sunday, i hope that everyone has a fine Easter today. Fin