#My30DayWorld 2018 – Days 29 & 30


Greetings, this will be my last post in the #My30DayWorld event campaign as it’ll cover the last two days’ questions for Day 29 & Day 30. After this post I’ll post about comics, do a few reviews of both comics & films. I do know that I want to discuss Mark Waid creating a meh comic in Champions & my view on Star Wars The Last Jedi. But for now I’ll focus the #My30DayWorld answers to the last two questions.

Day 29 Q: What is a legendary relic of power in your world?

Day 29 A: The Rune covered Skull of D’Jôl. During the first War of the Gods D’Jôl the God of sorcery & hidden lore was slain by the mad Titan Vurog. His body fell and became buried in what would become known as the Great Blood Desert. D’Jôl over the centuries since his death, his body has slowly decayed & his divine blood has warped the land, turning the sands blood red & mutated many of the creatures and people who dwell within it.

A few centuries before the second God’s war, one of the people of this warped land has discovered D’Jôl’s giant skull. They took the it to their God-King  Šor-Kai, who led them in a great rite – during which through a number of sacrifices,  Šor-Kai carved runes of necromantic power creating a connection to the slain God D’Jôl and infused his skull an portion of his soul. The Skull of D’Jôl gave Šor-Kai and the Sorcerers of Šorim a way to gain both arcane secrets from his soul trapped in the underworld as well as infernal arcane power that mutates them further as they grow in power.

Prior to the beginning of the second God’s War, Šor-Kai joined the alliance of dark God-Kings led by Magister Šarak the Demi-God-King of the Šamadî Empire, of which Šor-Kai was a loyal vassal. These mad Godlings tried to break the seal that kept their mistress the great & terrible Titan Goddess Anghra and her fell brood.

Once the second God’s War was over & the new god Korgoth was risen, the Sorcerers of  Šorim stole away the Skull of D’Jôl and secreted deep within the bowels of their floating city.

Day 30 Q: Are the lands cartographed? Where are the boundaries?

Day 30 A: Only partially, as many of the lands are in flux. There are only a few stable realms & their boundaries are shifting as border skirmishes rage between them & the incursions of barbaric human & inhuman tribes challenge them for land and resources.

Well I’ll end this last post in the wonderful #My30DayWorld event campaign. I want to thank Absolute Tabletop for this wonderful campaign. I look forward to their future campaigns & wish them the best on their future KickStarter projects. See you in my next post, Fin.


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