#My30DayWorld 2018 – Days 25 – 28


Greetings again, here is again another combined post this time four days worth. Damn I suck. Anyway I need to get this done so I can get some reading done before I go to bed.

Day 25 Q: What is the most misunderstood playable race?

Day 25 A: I’d have to say so far are either the Saar or D’Jōlî. The Saar as they are often confused as long eared Halflings as they are short & live near or in human communities. But they are less sedentary than Halflings, they are also far more cosmopolitan as they often travel from place to place like Roma (Gypsies) – something they share with the D’Jōlî. Where as the D’Jōlî were forced from their ancient homeland the Saar are filled with a wanderlust & only settle if to raise a family.

The Saar love to learn things, to tinker but they also love song & dance; which often confuses Humans that have never met a Saar before – they see a short human-like person & assume they are a Halflings; which annoys Halflings as they see the Saar as rowdy wastrels.

The D’Jōlî are more “rogue-ish” – they wander the world often adventuring with humans or serving as members of a pirates crew. They were forced from their homeland & their patron deity D’Jōl was slain during one of the God’s War. They are one of the “Forsaken” races, though they have no god of their own individual D’Jōlî do often choose to worship other deities depending on their lifestyles.

The D’Jōlî are believed to be cursed and are seen as a race of mischievous cut-throats or prostitutes – both of which are somewhat common professions but are not what define the D’Jōlî. They love adventure, seeing the next horizon. They enjoying meeting new people & learning about new cultures and places.

Saar                                     D'Joli

The Saar                                                                                          The D’Jōlî

Day 26 Q: What deities dwell in your realm? Are they involved?

Day 26 A: None actually dwell in ‘World of Skârn’ though they used to before the first & second God’s Wars. They were sent to their own dimensional planes that are tethered to the ‘World of Skârn’. That said, the deities can travel to & from the ‘World of Skârn’ at will, but in much diminished power. They can no longer alter the world physically as they used to, even their mortal children lack the power they used to have. They can influence the world via their priesthoods & prophets and harm or aid any creature they desire but they are no longer able to mold or rule the world as they once did.

Day 27 Q: Do any people of your world revere nature? How deeply?

Day 27 A: Sure, most rural or tribal cultures are animistic in nature but they do not worship nature itself but the various minor often local nature spirits within and around their communities. Nearly all people honor these spirits even city dwellers but in their case it is the spirit that their home was built on or at a shrine to a local spirit that just happened to have it’s home swallowed up by the expanding city. In the rural & tribal communities – this will be very deeply, sometimes if some horrible blight strikes the home or community near the site there may even be a human sacrifice in hopes that some transgression by the community can be appeased.

Day 28 Q: What character would you play in your own world?

Day 29 A: A D’Jōlî Witch-Reaver (a magic-using thief) that focuses on shadow magic.

Well that will be it for today, I’ll post again on Day 30 with a combined post as both questions only have brief answers to give. See you then, fin.



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