Some musings about political correctness


Greetings, I am posting about a topic related to the #My30DayWorld campaign, it was frankly a hard campaign to follow – as there were so many participants it became overwhelming. It didn’t help that occasionally people would interject their opinions in a condescending manner on the validity of a given question – basically anytime the word race came up, especially in reference to “evil races”. I just had to delete a reply before posting it so I didn’t have to deal with potential backlash.

I think there are people today who feel the need to interject their personal biases into anything they do. I stated from the start I have a political bias – but I’ll strive to keep it from this blog as much as I can. But I had to post something political because there was  a legitimate reason to do so as it related to 1) me and 2) a comic company I deeply respect who was being unfairly maligned.

So I do understand having bias & that it’ll bleed through from time to time. But there are people who have this weird obsession with being “woke” – especially when it comes to race and morality. Morality has been cast as being ‘subjective’ – and to a degree it is depending on the culture you are a part of. But certain things are universally considered evil. The idea that you cannot have evil races, especially in a fantasy world is absurd – it is a fantasy world.

Don’t get me wrong I have zero issue taking traditionally evil races & making them not so for a given campaign – just state that is the case & move one. But when you jump on a soapbox to lecture & condescend to others about how wrong that anyone is born evil or that you cannot use the word race – to refer to a race, it boggles the mind. Words have meaning. The fact is in Fantasy gaming there will always be evil races and races will be referred to as race in most games.

Some reading this will ask, “But Malîk, you just got onto your own soapbox & projected your own biased opinion”. Yes, I did – this is a blog, not a post in a discussion group where I am posting my answers to the question. If it was, I’d just focus on my answers to the said question. I am also keeping them separate from my actual post on the questions as I’ll publish another post centered on just that.

Overall this has been a wonderful campaign – I hope they repeat it sometime as I’d love to see all new worlds discussed again. I just hope the vocal minority of “woke” participants don’t convince Absolute Tabletop to no longer use the term race or ask about evil in their settings. If they do – I’ll likely not support their future campaigns. I like the AbTab crew so I’d hate for that to happen, but with certain trends in popular culture sliding farther to the left – I fear AbTab might be forced to become “woke”.

Comics, music, role playing & video games used to be about – fun. It wasn’t meant to be a medium to push overt social engineering. I have zero issue with inclusion in these mediums, but I do have an issue with forced inclusion at the expense of those mediums. Not everything needs to be political – to be “woke” to be fun or inclusive. I do not care about your ethnicity, sexuality or gender – you are welcome at my table, it is a hate-free zone. But I’ll not tolerate BS political correctness & thought policing at my table. If someone is legitimately rude or offensive – the offender is gone but using a word in character and in context of the role they are playing – that should never be an issue.

But that is all for this post – I need to get to my actual #My30DayPost for today, see you there. Fin.


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