#My30DayWorld 2018 – Days 19 – 21


Greetings, I am back with a multiple day post again. I haven’t felt the urge to post the last few days so I decided since the questions for Days 19 to 21 are easily replied to in a few sentences it’d be a waste to post them individually. Also from this point forward I’ll be not posting about the ‘World of Mu’ as there is not enough developed to answer many of the upcoming questions. I had hoped that answering them would spur my creativity since I really do love Sword & Sorcery as a genre – but I do not want to burn out on that project by forcing myself to develop it as I post in this campaign. I was half tempted to end my participation in the #My30DayWorld campaign because I was getting that way. So going forward I’ll be posting only about my ‘World of Skârn’ setting – now to the questions.

Day 19 Q: How are taxes and tributes collected in your world?

Day 19 A: Taxes are gathered via land owners & businesses for the most part, they are often factored into the prices of goods sold or traded. Other “fines/tolls” (taxes) are collected at city gates, toll-places & at the harbor. Taxes are collected once a month by tax collectors escorted by trained guards (Fighting-Men 3rd level) & tolls are collected weekly by the same.

Tributes are gathered by a Herald & at least 30 Men  but could be up to 300 men if community is defiant (the kind depends on force demanding tribute). These tributes will often be either annually or twice yearly depending on the needs or greed of the force demanding tribute.

Day 20 Q: Are there evil races in your world, such as Drow?

Day 20 A: Yes. No “Drow” by the traditional definition (dark skinned, underground dwelling matriarchal Elves) but I do have a variant there of. My dark elves are called Ûk’Dûr Phǽrahim  (Unchained People), they are chaotic in nature & raid others near their tainted forest homes. They are also known as Rhûl Phǽrahim (Tainted or Corrupted People) & Rhûk Phǽrahim (Mad People) by other elves. They wear elaborate body paint, leather armor/clothing with spikes & blades on them.

You have the infernal-blooded Graal, the orcs, goblins (Rhûl’Saar), Hobgoblins and a variety of others, including the Sorcerers of Šorim. But I still have to revise some of my races I had in my initial versions of ‘Skârn’.

Day 21 Q: Are there many underground places in your world?

Day 21 A: Yes. Under most mountain ranges & hilly regions are vast labyrinthine cavern complexes. Vast wealth & numbers of inhuman creatures are found within those caverns.

I am not sure if I am going to post Day 22 tomorrow or wait & combine two to three day’s worth of posts like I did in my last post & this one. Only time will tell. I have things to do so I will end this now. I’ll try to post another comic related post – which will be my musings on the Champions by Mark Waid & Humberto Ramos & another another on my thoughts on the ‘Last Jedi’ film. See you later, Fin.



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