Showing some RPG Youtube love

Greetings, in this post I decided to show some love to a few of my favorite RPG oriented Youtube channels. Though some have very decent followings at least one is fairing new. Each of these Youtubers hit a different niche which is why I really enjoy them. So I figured I’d post a link to there various social media accounts & share a video of theirs that I really enjoyed.


I’ll start with good Ol’ Hankerin Ferndale of Runehammer Games. I discovered him back when his channel was still called “Drunken & Dragons”. Though his channel changed names & shifted to a more self-promotional model for his own RPG – Index Card RPG (ICRPG) – I still enjoy watching his videos, especially his drawing ones. AS anyone who has followed Hank for awhile you know he can be very silly & from time to time wax philosophically upon various obscure topics that he uses to inform his designs & play style.

Here is the Runehammer site which has links to where to buy his games & books, as well as his art blog.

Here is the wonderful ICRPG G+ community, which is a flurry of vastly creative people drawn to Hank & the ICRPG game (I neeeeeeeeeedz me the 2e ICRPG).

And lastly here is his Patreon.

Here is a link to a video I enjoy of Hank’s.

Roll stats

Now to Bill of Rollstats! This dude has mad passion for all things Dungeons & Dragons. Lately he has been delving into his Basic/Expert D&D love – frankly I’ve been digging it, He is speaking my language – Grognard! Though much of his content has to do with 5e D&D, he does reviews on games & such; plus covers various D&D related topic. We have great conversations in his comments under his videos.

I am looking forward to his future videos and the conversations that they spawn – let’s face it one I was in not with Bill got heated over something silly but that is because we are passionate people. I hope that his youtube subscriber base starts to grow even faster. Well I’ll get to his core social media:

Here is his Roll Stats Blog.

Here is his Roll Stats Facebook.

Here is one of my favorite Roll Stats video on unboxing a Basic D&D.

Questing Beast

Next is Ben Milton aka known as Questing Beast. His channel is a mix of OSR (Old School Renaissance) reviews, mapping tutorials & the rare interview. Bill is a talented mapper & reviewer, but he is also  publisher of his own OSR RPG Maze Rats. I love to watch both his reviews & mapping videos.

Here are his social media:

Here is his Questing Beast youtube channel.

Here is his Ben Milton G+.

Here is his Questing Blog.

Here is an interesting interview with Zak Smith.

Well this will be all for this episode of my Musings of a Hooli-Geek blog & I’ll be back soon, Fin.


#My30DayWorld 2018 – Days 29 & 30


Greetings, this will be my last post in the #My30DayWorld event campaign as it’ll cover the last two days’ questions for Day 29 & Day 30. After this post I’ll post about comics, do a few reviews of both comics & films. I do know that I want to discuss Mark Waid creating a meh comic in Champions & my view on Star Wars The Last Jedi. But for now I’ll focus the #My30DayWorld answers to the last two questions.

Day 29 Q: What is a legendary relic of power in your world?

Day 29 A: The Rune covered Skull of D’Jôl. During the first War of the Gods D’Jôl the God of sorcery & hidden lore was slain by the mad Titan Vurog. His body fell and became buried in what would become known as the Great Blood Desert. D’Jôl over the centuries since his death, his body has slowly decayed & his divine blood has warped the land, turning the sands blood red & mutated many of the creatures and people who dwell within it.

A few centuries before the second God’s war, one of the people of this warped land has discovered D’Jôl’s giant skull. They took the it to their God-King  Šor-Kai, who led them in a great rite – during which through a number of sacrifices,  Šor-Kai carved runes of necromantic power creating a connection to the slain God D’Jôl and infused his skull an portion of his soul. The Skull of D’Jôl gave Šor-Kai and the Sorcerers of Šorim a way to gain both arcane secrets from his soul trapped in the underworld as well as infernal arcane power that mutates them further as they grow in power.

Prior to the beginning of the second God’s War, Šor-Kai joined the alliance of dark God-Kings led by Magister Šarak the Demi-God-King of the Šamadî Empire, of which Šor-Kai was a loyal vassal. These mad Godlings tried to break the seal that kept their mistress the great & terrible Titan Goddess Anghra and her fell brood.

Once the second God’s War was over & the new god Korgoth was risen, the Sorcerers of  Šorim stole away the Skull of D’Jôl and secreted deep within the bowels of their floating city.

Day 30 Q: Are the lands cartographed? Where are the boundaries?

Day 30 A: Only partially, as many of the lands are in flux. There are only a few stable realms & their boundaries are shifting as border skirmishes rage between them & the incursions of barbaric human & inhuman tribes challenge them for land and resources.

Well I’ll end this last post in the wonderful #My30DayWorld event campaign. I want to thank Absolute Tabletop for this wonderful campaign. I look forward to their future campaigns & wish them the best on their future KickStarter projects. See you in my next post, Fin.

#My30DayWorld 2018 – Days 25 – 28


Greetings again, here is again another combined post this time four days worth. Damn I suck. Anyway I need to get this done so I can get some reading done before I go to bed.

Day 25 Q: What is the most misunderstood playable race?

Day 25 A: I’d have to say so far are either the Saar or D’Jōlî. The Saar as they are often confused as long eared Halflings as they are short & live near or in human communities. But they are less sedentary than Halflings, they are also far more cosmopolitan as they often travel from place to place like Roma (Gypsies) – something they share with the D’Jōlî. Where as the D’Jōlî were forced from their ancient homeland the Saar are filled with a wanderlust & only settle if to raise a family.

The Saar love to learn things, to tinker but they also love song & dance; which often confuses Humans that have never met a Saar before – they see a short human-like person & assume they are a Halflings; which annoys Halflings as they see the Saar as rowdy wastrels.

The D’Jōlî are more “rogue-ish” – they wander the world often adventuring with humans or serving as members of a pirates crew. They were forced from their homeland & their patron deity D’Jōl was slain during one of the God’s War. They are one of the “Forsaken” races, though they have no god of their own individual D’Jōlî do often choose to worship other deities depending on their lifestyles.

The D’Jōlî are believed to be cursed and are seen as a race of mischievous cut-throats or prostitutes – both of which are somewhat common professions but are not what define the D’Jōlî. They love adventure, seeing the next horizon. They enjoying meeting new people & learning about new cultures and places.

Saar                                     D'Joli

The Saar                                                                                          The D’Jōlî

Day 26 Q: What deities dwell in your realm? Are they involved?

Day 26 A: None actually dwell in ‘World of Skârn’ though they used to before the first & second God’s Wars. They were sent to their own dimensional planes that are tethered to the ‘World of Skârn’. That said, the deities can travel to & from the ‘World of Skârn’ at will, but in much diminished power. They can no longer alter the world physically as they used to, even their mortal children lack the power they used to have. They can influence the world via their priesthoods & prophets and harm or aid any creature they desire but they are no longer able to mold or rule the world as they once did.

Day 27 Q: Do any people of your world revere nature? How deeply?

Day 27 A: Sure, most rural or tribal cultures are animistic in nature but they do not worship nature itself but the various minor often local nature spirits within and around their communities. Nearly all people honor these spirits even city dwellers but in their case it is the spirit that their home was built on or at a shrine to a local spirit that just happened to have it’s home swallowed up by the expanding city. In the rural & tribal communities – this will be very deeply, sometimes if some horrible blight strikes the home or community near the site there may even be a human sacrifice in hopes that some transgression by the community can be appeased.

Day 28 Q: What character would you play in your own world?

Day 29 A: A D’Jōlî Witch-Reaver (a magic-using thief) that focuses on shadow magic.

Well that will be it for today, I’ll post again on Day 30 with a combined post as both questions only have brief answers to give. See you then, fin.


#My30Dayworld 2018 – Days 22-24


Greetings, I’ll now get to answering the #My30DayWorld questions for Days 22-24 in another combined post. I’ll try to keep this post brief as I already published one post today. Now lets get to it.

Day 22 Q: What prominent fantastical bodies of water are there?

Day 22 A: The only one so far is the Shattered Bay – there maybe more as I finish my revisions. The Shattered Bay is  a body of water that was created in the last God’s War & their is a sucking maw in it’s center that created a massive whirlpool. Above the Shattered Bay are a collection of floating islands – actually shards of land infused by divine magic and lifted into the sky while other sank into the incoming water. Ruins are scattered upon these sky islands, the remaining land masses that formed new islands & underneath the waters of the bay itself.

Day 23 Q: What is valuable in your world? Gold? Something else?

Day 23 A: Yes Gold, but also silver, mithril, platinum & other metals. The world runs on a Silver standard but most big items are still given prices in gold. But depending on culture various things will be considered valuable & as I finish my revisions I’ll know what they are.

Day 24 Q: What is the tech level? Does magic integrate? 

Day 24 A: The tech level varies, since it has only been a mere century since the last God’s War & the world wide devastation that it wreaked. Dwarfish communities were largely spared so kept their steam & clockwork powered technology. Dwarfs do use arcane magic, thus they infuse it into their technology. The Šal’Rebītes also fuse technology & magic effortlessly; though they are rebuilding their damaged city of Šal’Reb to its former glory.

But in general most civilized realms are barely out of the dark ages – Knights in armor going on quests or jousting at tournaments though some have become mired in near early iron age civilizations. That doesn’t include the hordes of human & inhuman “primitive” tribal cultures that have varying levels of rudimentary tech (from stone tools to basic iron weaponry).

Well that does it for today’s #My30DayWorld post, I’ll see you again soon. Fin.

Some musings about political correctness


Greetings, I am posting about a topic related to the #My30DayWorld campaign, it was frankly a hard campaign to follow – as there were so many participants it became overwhelming. It didn’t help that occasionally people would interject their opinions in a condescending manner on the validity of a given question – basically anytime the word race came up, especially in reference to “evil races”. I just had to delete a reply before posting it so I didn’t have to deal with potential backlash.

I think there are people today who feel the need to interject their personal biases into anything they do. I stated from the start I have a political bias – but I’ll strive to keep it from this blog as much as I can. But I had to post something political because there was  a legitimate reason to do so as it related to 1) me and 2) a comic company I deeply respect who was being unfairly maligned.

So I do understand having bias & that it’ll bleed through from time to time. But there are people who have this weird obsession with being “woke” – especially when it comes to race and morality. Morality has been cast as being ‘subjective’ – and to a degree it is depending on the culture you are a part of. But certain things are universally considered evil. The idea that you cannot have evil races, especially in a fantasy world is absurd – it is a fantasy world.

Don’t get me wrong I have zero issue taking traditionally evil races & making them not so for a given campaign – just state that is the case & move one. But when you jump on a soapbox to lecture & condescend to others about how wrong that anyone is born evil or that you cannot use the word race – to refer to a race, it boggles the mind. Words have meaning. The fact is in Fantasy gaming there will always be evil races and races will be referred to as race in most games.

Some reading this will ask, “But Malîk, you just got onto your own soapbox & projected your own biased opinion”. Yes, I did – this is a blog, not a post in a discussion group where I am posting my answers to the question. If it was, I’d just focus on my answers to the said question. I am also keeping them separate from my actual post on the questions as I’ll publish another post centered on just that.

Overall this has been a wonderful campaign – I hope they repeat it sometime as I’d love to see all new worlds discussed again. I just hope the vocal minority of “woke” participants don’t convince Absolute Tabletop to no longer use the term race or ask about evil in their settings. If they do – I’ll likely not support their future campaigns. I like the AbTab crew so I’d hate for that to happen, but with certain trends in popular culture sliding farther to the left – I fear AbTab might be forced to become “woke”.

Comics, music, role playing & video games used to be about – fun. It wasn’t meant to be a medium to push overt social engineering. I have zero issue with inclusion in these mediums, but I do have an issue with forced inclusion at the expense of those mediums. Not everything needs to be political – to be “woke” to be fun or inclusive. I do not care about your ethnicity, sexuality or gender – you are welcome at my table, it is a hate-free zone. But I’ll not tolerate BS political correctness & thought policing at my table. If someone is legitimately rude or offensive – the offender is gone but using a word in character and in context of the role they are playing – that should never be an issue.

But that is all for this post – I need to get to my actual #My30DayPost for today, see you there. Fin.

#My30DayWorld 2018 – Days 19 – 21


Greetings, I am back with a multiple day post again. I haven’t felt the urge to post the last few days so I decided since the questions for Days 19 to 21 are easily replied to in a few sentences it’d be a waste to post them individually. Also from this point forward I’ll be not posting about the ‘World of Mu’ as there is not enough developed to answer many of the upcoming questions. I had hoped that answering them would spur my creativity since I really do love Sword & Sorcery as a genre – but I do not want to burn out on that project by forcing myself to develop it as I post in this campaign. I was half tempted to end my participation in the #My30DayWorld campaign because I was getting that way. So going forward I’ll be posting only about my ‘World of Skârn’ setting – now to the questions.

Day 19 Q: How are taxes and tributes collected in your world?

Day 19 A: Taxes are gathered via land owners & businesses for the most part, they are often factored into the prices of goods sold or traded. Other “fines/tolls” (taxes) are collected at city gates, toll-places & at the harbor. Taxes are collected once a month by tax collectors escorted by trained guards (Fighting-Men 3rd level) & tolls are collected weekly by the same.

Tributes are gathered by a Herald & at least 30 Men  but could be up to 300 men if community is defiant (the kind depends on force demanding tribute). These tributes will often be either annually or twice yearly depending on the needs or greed of the force demanding tribute.

Day 20 Q: Are there evil races in your world, such as Drow?

Day 20 A: Yes. No “Drow” by the traditional definition (dark skinned, underground dwelling matriarchal Elves) but I do have a variant there of. My dark elves are called Ûk’Dûr Phǽrahim  (Unchained People), they are chaotic in nature & raid others near their tainted forest homes. They are also known as Rhûl Phǽrahim (Tainted or Corrupted People) & Rhûk Phǽrahim (Mad People) by other elves. They wear elaborate body paint, leather armor/clothing with spikes & blades on them.

You have the infernal-blooded Graal, the orcs, goblins (Rhûl’Saar), Hobgoblins and a variety of others, including the Sorcerers of Šorim. But I still have to revise some of my races I had in my initial versions of ‘Skârn’.

Day 21 Q: Are there many underground places in your world?

Day 21 A: Yes. Under most mountain ranges & hilly regions are vast labyrinthine cavern complexes. Vast wealth & numbers of inhuman creatures are found within those caverns.

I am not sure if I am going to post Day 22 tomorrow or wait & combine two to three day’s worth of posts like I did in my last post & this one. Only time will tell. I have things to do so I will end this now. I’ll try to post another comic related post – which will be my musings on the Champions by Mark Waid & Humberto Ramos & another another on my thoughts on the ‘Last Jedi’ film. See you later, Fin.


#My30DayWorld 2018 – Day 17 & 18


Greetings, here is Day 17 & 18 combined post for the #My30DayWorld event. I was too tired to post yesterday evening so I decided “screw it I’ll do a combined post tomorrow’ – thus here we are. I’ll begin with the Say 17 question & then move onto Day 18 next.

Day 17 question: What rare & interesting races populate your world? 

A1: In the ‘World of Skârn’ several rare & interesting race from near-human that dwell in the region once dominated by the mystical  Šamadî Empire – the Sorcerers of Šorim, the tall pale four armed makers of magitech, the Šal’Rēbītes; the infernal-blooded Graal, the small and crafty and mischievous Saar, the Elfin-like nomadic forsaken folk of the devastated City State of the mad demi-god D’Jōl – the D’Jōlî & the hardy four armed Khôss of fallen Khôkarth.

Shorimite Ruling Caste - Magi & PriestsShorimite Artisan Caste Shorimite Warrior Caste Shal'RebitesGraal

The three castes of Šorimīte society, the Šal’Rēbītes and the infernal-blooded Graal by me.

Khoss         Saar           D'Joli

The Khôss                                        The Saar                                                     The D’Jōlî  all by me.

A2: In the ‘World of Mu’ there area variety of feral beast-man tribes & serpent shape-shifting Ssūl’Lenîm & the Maalkeyîm dragon blooded shape-shifters.

Day 18 question: What relics of the past shape the present?

A1: In the ‘World of Skârn’ there are a number of relics – such as the Skull of the D’Jōl, that is etched with runes & it whispers its secrets to the Sorcerers of Šorim in their floating city. The others will developed as I revise the world.

A2: In the ‘World of Mu’ there will be a few such relics but I have yet to develop them.

Well I’ll end this post so I can get this published & run some errands before I need to cook dinner. I’ll see you tomorrow with Day 19. Fin.